About us

Who is Earthy Edith?

Who is Edith? She is pictured above in her younger days, with her husband on their farm. Edith was an amazing woman who loved the earth dearly. She was the wife and later mother of a family of hard working farmers. She grew everything in her own garden and hand made things like ketchup and applesauce. Emily was named after her sweet and thrifty grandmother and was given the name Emily Edith when she was born. The name Earthy Edith’s became the business name out of Emily’s appreciation for her grandmother’s values, Emily’s general love for the beautiful earth we live on and her desire to be as ‘earthy’ as possible.


We started Earthy Edith’s in October 2015 as a husband and wife team. We had been gaining cleaning experience while working for a commercial cleaning business, but our attention was turned to more natural ways of cleaning in the beginning of 2015 when Emily was professionally trained in office and residential cleaning at a volunteer facility. We were amazed at the power of microfiber and in October, we together began devoting time to research and cleaning experiments to perfect the Earthy Edith’s touch. Since then we've been cleaning happy customers homes and have added on to our team as the success of our methods and cleaning has grown. Now we are striving to bring our methods into homes everywhere by offering our handmade solutions for purchase. We love cleaning chemical free and now you can too with our SIMPLE solutions!

Why go chemical free?

It's simple really. Do even a bit of research and you will find hundreds of reasons why cleaning with chemicals is so dangerous to your health, your children’s, your pet’s and the earth’s health as well. Take a look at a label of a cleaning solution and you’ll see there is no law to even list the toxic ingredients used. Be healthier and happier and say no to toxic chemicals in your home! Earthy Edith’s 100% natural, 0% “other” ingredients.