SIMPLE Bathroom Cleaner - Earthy Edith’s
Earthy Edith’s SIMPLE Bathroom Cleaner
SIMPLE Bathroom Cleaner - Earthy Edith’s

SIMPLE Bathroom Cleaner

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The Porcelein Thunder Bowl room requires a little more kick than just all purpose cleaner. With a stronger dose of distilled cleaning vinegar (odorless when dry) and an essential oil blend tailored to keep your bathroom clean and minty fresh!

How does it clean?

Distilled White Vinegar makes an amazing natural cleaner because of its specific level of acidity. It can kill both viruses and bacteria effectively, how? It chemically changes the proteins and fats in hazardous germs and destroys their cell structure.

UK researchers found that vinegar, much like bleach and washing up liquid, can rapidly inactivate the flu virus.”

US researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that vinegar efficiently killed Mycobacterium tuberculosis — the bacteria that causes tuberculosis — after 30 mins of exposure to a six per cent acetic solution.” -ABC NEWS

What do the essential oils do?

 Mentha Aquatica (Peppermint) Anti bacterial, insect repellent, opens nasal passages, cools and soothes, reduces headaches, improves blood circulation.

 Melaluca (Tea Tree)- Anti viral, bacterial and fungal! Modern studies have proven this powerful oil to inhibit bacteria like E-coli, pneumonia, Uti's, strep throat, sinus infections and more. Kills and prevents mold build up. Deodorizes.

Lavandula (Lavender)- The root word "lavare" literally means "to wash" . Anti microbial, bacterial, and anti spasmodic making it literally relax your muscles. Reduces anxiety.

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