SIMPLE Dusting Spray
SIMPLE Dusting Spray
SIMPLE Dusting Spray 8oz - Earthy Edith’s
SIMPLE Dusting Spray - Earthy Edith’s
SIMPLE Dusting Spray

SIMPLE Dusting Spray

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An organic essential oil infused distilled water that will supercharge your Earthy Cloth. Just shake and spray once or twice into your cloth to lightly dampen. Pulls up dust, puts down fresh, natural lemon fragrance.

Comes in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz refill, Concentrate (no spray nozzle included)


NOW FEATURING CONCENTRATED REFILL OPTION! In option size just select “CONCENTRATE”. Will make 3 refills of 16oz or 6 refills of your 8oz spray bottle. 32oz and concentrate bottles both qualify for our return and refill program. Just use the enclosed return label to ship us back our bottle. We’ll email you a new invoice with $2.50 off and then ship out to you your sanitized and refilled bottle of solution.


For 16oz bottles just pour 1/3 of your concentrate into a 16oz spray bottle and top off with distilled or filtered water for best results.

For 8oz bottles just add 3 TB of your concentrate before topping off with distilled or filtered water. 



What do the essential oils do?

 Organic Citrus Limonum (Lemon)- Anti bacterial and anti fungal. Immune system booster, clears sinus passages, mental refresher.



Distilled Water

We start with our very own in house distilled water that has been purified through steam processing. We wanted to make our cleaners free of any chemical preservatives, so our distilled water is clear of any contaminants, toxins, bacteria or minerals that are found in your average tap water.

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